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Silent Hill Vinyls

Few video game franchises can claim to have a sonic identity as singular as Silent Hill. Every mainline game in the franchise (bar 2012’s Downpour) featured soundtracks composed by the one and only Akira Yamaoka – and what scores they are!

Even the titles that faced mixed reviews found praise for their soundtracks, and the original four entries, considered by many to be the series’ golden children, have some of the most acclaimed video game scores of all time.

Fans of those four, rejoice! Vinyl records of the soundtracks to Silent Hills 1, 2, 3, and 4 are back at Mondo Shop. Though these are re-releases, the records have been reprinted in new colourways: a matte red for SH1, a slightly-foggy silver for SH2, a royal purple for SH3, and a flame orange for SH4. Each is a 2XLP set that features the vast majority of their game’s soundtrack.

Silent Hill 4 Vinyl

However, you may find there are one or two disappointing omissions. For example, Silent Hill 2‘s incredible Peace and Serenity isn’t there, but these vinyls do contain the same soundtracks you’d find on most audio streaming services.

They aren’t exactly definitive, but cover a lot of the bases and provide an absolutely delightful listening experience (as this writer can attest to after many hours listening to The Room’s score and getting all emotional).

The vinyls will cost you $35 each (bar Silent Hill, which for some reason is only $30), not including shipping or tax, and, at the time of writing, have enough stock in.

Certainly there are more copies available than previous re-releases of these vinyls, which have tended to go in a flash, resulting in second-hand prices skyrocketing. So, if you’re looking to spin some Yamaoka goodness, be sure to get on these now.

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