Silent Hill Shattered Memories Characters

Harry Mason Portrait

Harry Mason

Age: 30

Harry Mason is a writer in his early 30s who awakens to find himself in a car crash in the town of Silent Hill. Startled and confused, he soon discovers the most precious thing in the world to him, his seven year old daughter Cheryl, is missing. With a strange case of selective amnesia and a habit to put his daughter above all other duties, Harry sets out into the snowy town of Silent Hill. Along his journey, our own flaws manifest in Harry and become strongly apparent to his character.

Cherly Mason Portrait

Cheryl Mason

Age: 7

Cheryl is Harry’s daughter, a girl who grew up absolutely adoring her daddy. She has a fascination in various activities including collecting insects like butterflies, recording videos with a video camera, and spending time with the ones she loves. Somethings happened to Cheryl, and across the town of Silent Hill a scared lonely spirit in her image runs in fright. What could Cheryl be so afraid of?

Cherly Portrait

Cybil Bennett

Age: 40

A cop born and raised in Silent Hill. She spent her childhood accompanying her dad in his police car and naturally as an adult joined the Silent Hill Police Force herself. She’s come to know this town inside and out, but during the recent blizzard that has stricken Silent Hill she encounters a strange man named Harry. Cybil finds herself having to fulfill her role as an officer past the line of duty and make a personal judgment in a mystery unlike anything she has ever experienced.

Drs Portrait

Dr. Michael Kaufmann

Age: 58

A psychiatrist with unusual and sometimes creepy methods to diagnosis and help his patients. Kaufmann calculates quickly in his head and his initial off-putting kindness can just as easily be replaced with a dry and dark sense of sarcasm, as if he takes pleasure exploiting his patients flaws. His therapy sessions are composed of a few games, questions, and talks where he really drills at people to get to the core of a person, and strike down and taunt any false hope that comes off in the process.


Age: Early 20’s

A mysterious woman who seems close to Harry, except Harry can’t remember her at all. She often texts him on his phone, demonstrates a friskier sexual side, and possesses a sharp tongue, not taking shit from no one. Harry not remembering her upsets her, and though short-tempered from his apparent memory loss, she says this isn’t the first time Harry’s acted bizarre like this. She seems to know more than she shares… Who exactly is she?

Michelle Portrait

Michelle Valdez

Age: 20’s

A singer and bartender at the Balkan Night Club. She was coming to a High School Reunion with her longtime boyfriend John before the blizzard struck. Friendly, she helps Harry along his adventure on more than one occasion. She seems to be having issues of her own; piecing her own life together and coming to terms with her feelings. Her open mind and casual behavoir help Harry really feel at ease around her.

Lisa Portrait

Lisa Garland

Age: 20’s

An ER Nurse at Alchemilla Hospital, Harry and her meet upon her crashing her car into the hospital and injuring her head. Concerned, Harry walks with her back to her apartment. She is overworked and shows signs of being addicted to prescription drugs to keep her going. Friendly and independent, though driven a little wild by men that remind her of her father, she will be quick to state she is a strong individual who doesn’t need a man to survive.


Age: 20’s

Michelle’s boyfriend since high school, he is a lawyer currently living in Massachusetts though stopping by Silent Hill for his and Michelle’s school reunion. He seems a bit caught between his job and his love.


Age: Elderly

A kind bartender who works at the bar across the street from Diner 52. She is a tough cookie who keeps the bar open even in the blizzard to help weary customers. Having a way with people, she is quick to offer some assistance to Harry in his time of need.

Mike Portrait

Mike Stewart

Age: Elderly

A man who lives with his wife Lucy and daughter Katie, he answers the door to talk with Harry over a misunderstanding. A doctor at Alchemilla Hospital, he is a well respected man among the community.

Lucy Portrait

Lucy Stewart

Age: Elderly

A school teacher teaching at Midwich High School and living with her husband Mike and daughter Katie, she is a kind lady who though sensible is taken a bit aback over their misunderstanding with Harry.

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