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Silent Hill: Lost Days Fan Film Explores James and Mary’s Relationship, Feelings Ensue

The Silent Hill fan film “Lost Days” by Brett Driver and Theron Patrick released on YouTube a few days ago and it’s quite something. Clocking in under ten minutes, “Lost Days” explores James and Mary’s relationship during the good times, prior to her sickness, and the bad times, when despair was the only thing left in their once beautiful marriage.

“Lost Days” is an impressive short fan film, and it captures the feeling of loss quite well despite its short runtime. One scene in the film takes my favorite exchange between Mary and James, in which Mary breaks down in sadness, and acts it out pretty well with some extra context to the situation.

If you’re looking to reexperience the sadness that you felt when you played Silent Hill 2, then definitely check out Silent Hill: Lost Days.

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