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Silent Hill: Downpour trailer from TGS is far from Korny

A new trailer has been released for Silent Hill: Downpour. Unveiled at TGS, the latest trailer shows us a whole lot of new content. First to note is that the game looks better since we last saw it at E3. The lighting is worth noting, along with Murphy finally showing some proper facial animations. The new areas also look pretty interesting. The trailer seems to focus more on the prison aspect that the last few. More of Murphy’s prison transfer is show, along with a possible Otherworld representation of a prison.

A few characters are shown a bit more than they were in the E3 trailer, and that also extends to the mysterious trenchcoat killer. He seems to be straight from Deadly Premonition, heavy two handed weapon and all.

Finally, the Korn song has been heard. The dreaded day hath cometh! Well, not very much dreaded, but a lot of Silent Hill fans were waiting to hear this thing. Personally, I don’t think it’s that bad. Sure, it’s not a song you would expect for the Silent Hill series after being conditioned to the trip-hop melodies of Akira Yamaoka, but it isn’t all too bad. It’s certainly not something that I would dread hearing whenever I start the game and land in the main menu.

I’m not a fan of Korn, but after hearing it a few times, it has grown on me. It’s not too heavy, which is what I’m sure many people were worried about.

Look for my analysis of the trailer soon.

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