Silent Hill: Downpour new details

The official title for the 8th Silent Hill game has been revealed, Silent Hill: Downpour will be coming out for the PS3 and 360 , hopefully, sometime this year. Last year we had Heavy Rain, and now it looks like it will Downpour into 2011. Here’s some details on the game which comes thanks to user: brandonh83 on Neogaf who was able to make this out from the recent GameInformer scans that have been leaked.

-demo takes place in the outskirts of SH
-the town is so large that you can use a subway system to travel between focal points
-avoid fights when possible, better to deliver incapacitating blows and run away (so good!)
-boss fights with quicktime events (not so good)
-water plays a huge part in the game, bizarre water effects like what looks like an upside down river flowing across a ceiling is described
-prominent locations in the older installments like schools and hospitals will not return
-the southeastern part of Silent Hill that you see on the maps in the older games but never go to is the area that will be explored in Downpour
-no weapon inventory, weapons weaken and break
-there will be puzzle difficulty options


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