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Silent Hill achievements a plenty, Downpour and HD Collection’s revealed

French gaming website Succesfull has revealed the achievements for the Silent Hill HD Collection and Silent Hill Downpour. Now before you check them out, I will warn you that the HD Collection’s achievements have a few spoilers. Sure it’s a releases of two old games, but their stories still matter. For those who have yet to play them, do not look. I’m trying to save you so that you may have a good experience with them.

As for Downpour’s achievements, don’t worry about spoilers. All of the important achievements are secret. It looks like Downpour will have some interesting achievements made for those who want to replay the game a few times. “Good Behavior” is pretty cool. Completing the game without killing any monsters might be a nice challenge. The other visible achievements are ones about game completion, a number of unique actions, and the completion of sidequests.

All in all, these definitely look doable. I maxed out my achievements in Homecoming and I plan to do the same with these two games. They’re almost here!

[Source, via Silent Hill Historical Society]

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