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Shadows of the Damned not selling well

According to sales figures provided by Joystiq, Shadows of the Damned is not selling all too well. The Suda-Mikami collaboration project has sold around 24,000 copies in its opening month. The sales figures come from NPD, and covers both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 release. That is just unfortunate.

While many horror fans expected something horrifically frightening from the collaboration, Shadows of the Damned ended up being a tongue-in-cheek action horror title with silly humor. That doesn’t mean it ended up being a bad game. We enjoyed it, and respect its absurdity. It’s a shame interesting games like this fall under the radar. While the game had its faults, I for one would love to see a sequel filled with improvements. Hopefully this won’t scare EA away from pursuing a sequel.

[Source, via Eurogamer]

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