Shadows of Kurgansk Launches Terror On Steam Early Access - Rely on Horror

Shadows of Kurgansk Launches Terror On Steam Early Access

Shadows of Kurgansk (1)

Russian indie team Yadon Studio launched new apocalyptic title Shadows of Kurgansk on Steam Early Access this week. The game blends horror and action, brought to life with hand-drawn comic style art and a full original soundtrack. Players must hunt, scavenge, craft, and fight to survive as they travel deeper into a wasteland area. There are flesh-eating humanoids and hostile military units in the Zone, and the terrain is on their side more than yours.

Combining combat with sanity, Shadows of Kurgansk asks players to manage a world meant for madness while engaging in combat with maddening creatures. Nightfall makes this harder, increasing the rate at which sanity depletes. Players must also complete quests to progress through the story, traversing the Zone, military bases, and anomalies in terrain that can bring life to a sudden end.

The game comes with three modes, allowing for ten hours of storyline play, a survival mode for hardcore players, and an adventure mode that challenges players to complete difficult quests. The developer created the game for a wide range of machines, as well, with support on Linux, Windows, the Steam OS, and Mac. Shadows of Kurgansk is currently available on Steam Early Access for $14.99.

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