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Shadowgate Kickstarter successful

Well damn, just a week ago I was preparing to notify the public of Shadowgate’s failed Kickstarter, but a last-minute rush of pledges has saved the project after all.

Only recently the project was still in need of an additional $30,000, which was 25% of their goal. Projects that don’t reach their goal will lose all the money pledged to them, so that would probably mean the remake of this classic adventure game would not become reality (unless the producers were willing to find a publisher). Fortunately, the fundraiser ended earlier today with a total of $137,232. That is an average of almost $40 per donation! Three die-hard fans even went so far as to donate over $2500, which earned them a neat replica of an in-game staff.

The extra cash that the developers got will be put towards a stretch-goal, which means that the game will receive more content than originally planned. I am sure that we are all really glad that this game got the funding it needed, but let us also hope that Kickstarter doesn’t just become a platform where people can vote on which game gets reimagined next.


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