Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter now live

Precursor Games’ second (third if you count their website’s own proprietary crowdfunding) attempt at KickStarting their sequel to the cult classic Eternal Darkness is now live. The updated KickStarter is asking for $750,000 and funding ends on August 23rd. The new asking price for this KickStarter is significantly less than the 1.5 million (1.35 million on their first Kickstarter) that Precursor originally hoped to reach. With this new KickStarter comes new information regarding which platforms the game will release on. It is revealed that it will release on PC and the Wii U if funding is met, with a PlayStation 4 port as a new stretch goal.

The Kickstarter info reveals that David Hayter will be playing the main character Paul Becker, a detective investigatingĀ Pleasant View Hospital. Pledges will unlock a variety of things such as beta access to the game, access to a special development forum, unlockable items in the game itself, the soundtrack, the ability to submit your own content to the game, or a special credit within the game. The more pledged, the more opportunities and unlocks are awarded.

Will Precursor finally meet their required funds with this third attempt at crowdfunding? With a reduced asking price, a PS4 version planned, and famous voice acting talent, they just might. For a game about the sins of the past, it’s kind of ironic that they’ve had to deal with so many problems due to Silicon Knights’ alleged past misdeeds. I personally hope they can get this game funded, so the fans can play this long awaited sequel to one of the trippiest horror games out there.


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