See Days Gone in a Different Light With Alternative Gameplay Video


The secret behind-the-scenes Days Gone gameplay demo video from E3 has finally been released, and hopefully it can put some player fears to rest. While the graphics and generic northern United States setting have been likened to The Last of Us by fans of that game, this new gameplay trailer helps Days Gone set itself apart. Where the first gameplay trailer showed main character Deacon using the horde as a weapon, this time the same scene is played out in stealth. Weather and time of day change the way any given quest will happen, as well as affecting the way zombies operate. The world is open enough to approach any target from many different directions and play styles, letting each player interact with the game in a way that feels natural to them.

This video runs eleven minutes long, giving players a great look at the world Deacon lives in, narrated by the creators of the game to explain how each part could be played differently. While there is definitely a point to be made that zombies are overdone and people are over it, Days Gone feels fresh and customizable enough to earn a place in the library of modern horror games.

YouTube video

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