Sea of Solitude is said to be “a Mixture of Ghibli and Silent Hill”, Looks Fantastic


Sea of Solitude has remained a fairly mysterious game throughout its development so far, but in a recent interview with Anthony Carboni, developer Jo-Mei’s co-founder and creative director Cornelia Geppert revealed a ton of new details that really clear up exactly what the game is about, and it sounds great.

The game follows protagonist Kay, who suffers from extreme loneliness to the point where her feelings have been projected outward, turning her into a monster. The basic outline of the game revolves around trying to find out what exactly happened to her and how to turn her back to normal while exploring a world only populated by a few other monsters who were also once human like Kay. These monsters are tied to varying weather conditions within the game, and though they can be hostile towards Kay, players must find a way to turn them human again and restore her own life. Geppert likens the game to “a mixture of Ghibli and Silent Hill art-wise, but also from the feeling.”

Still no release just yet, but the ideas sound great and the gameplay footage looks lovely, so this is definitely something to pay attention to in the long run.

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