Sci-fi Horror Syndrome Has a Release Date and New Gameplay Footage


We got our first impressions of Syndrome this year at Gamescom, and now it has a release date and some polished gameplay footage.

The premise is a typical sci-fi horror setup. You wake up from a deep cryosleep to a derelict station filled with alien monsters. Something very bad has happened, and you must figure it out while evading said alien monsters and managing your resources wisely. Syndrome looks a little like Dead SpaceAlien: IsolationSOMASystem Shock, Doom…apparently, there’s a niche for this sort of thing.

The atmosphere and lighting look great. The enemies seem like bullet sponges, but with limited resources and stealth as a main tactic, that may not be much of an issue.

Developer Camel 101 has announced Syndrome will be out October 16 on PC, Mac, and Linux with PS4 and Xbox One releases to follow in early 2017. It will also support VR, which is promising, but no release date on that front yet.

YouTube video


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