School Girl/Zombie Hunter Brings Co-Op Anime Ladies To PS4 November 17

Aksys Games, publisher behind such titles as The Nonary Games and the Guilty Gear series, are bringing a new kind of co-op zombie game to PS4 this November. One that’s a little less about shooting Nazi zombies, and more about scantily clad anime ladies. Not such a bad trade, depending on how you look at things.

School Girl / Zombie Hunter¬†is a spinoff of the popular Onechanbara hack n’ slash series that focuses on a group of schoolgirls trapped in a school overrun with the undead. Up to five players can join the action as they fight endless waves of reanimated corpses, and try to survive with their clothing intact.

The game’s official website does mention that Tactical Fashion will be involved. Actually, just read what the website says verbatim because I’m not sure how else to describe it.

Use various bits of clothing to lure, confuse, and destroy your enemies. Leave your uniform behind in order to execute a quick escape or drop your unmentionables on the ground to draw enemies together for a devastating ambush.

I’ve actually played a lot of games in the same vein as School Girl / Zombie Hunter. I’m a big fan of the Senran Kagura series, and also games like Onechanbara and Criminal Girls. But never in all my myriad ecchi-flavored adventures have I seen an entire gameplay system that relies on how scantily clad your character is. It’s almost genius.

The official site mentions some other gameplay details like traps, ¬†enemy variety, explosives, and a “vast array of weapons.” But the important thing is really Tactical Fashion. School Girl / Zombie Hunter arrives exclusively on the Playstation 4 November 17.

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