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Salt and Sanctuary Expanding Audience to PC, Vita


Is’s been a whirlwind few weeks over at Ska Studios following the PS4 release of Salt and Sanctuary, stretching the two developers a tad too thin for constant blog updates. They found a free moment to do so on May 4th, and the worklist is impressive. The team expects to announce the PC release date by the end of May, and is working with international publishers to bring the game to Japan and mainland Asia at an unspecified date. The PS Vita release is being handled by another developer, and will be announced as soon as details are available to Ska.

A limited physical release for PS4 is in the works, and will also be announced when full details are available. The team have added tons of fanart to their official social media pages, and as always, encourage submissions from the fan base. Fans of the game’s music can now download the soundtrack on Bandcamp, and readers of the blog were treated to a roundup of reviews for Salt and Sanctuary, where Jorge’s 8/10 review got a friendly mention.

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