Russian cult-classic Pathologic now has TWO remakes in production - Rely on Horror

Russian cult-classic Pathologic now has TWO remakes in production


The remake of the Russian psychological horror game Pathologic is one that I have been looking forward to ever since it achieved Kickstarter success. In an industry that often lives on derivative, forgettable games, this story of a town being choked to death by a nasty plague is one I was eager to relive.

In a somewhat peculiar move, developer Ice-Pick Lodge has decided to not just release one remake, but also an HD version of the original title from 2005. The idea here is that it gives people the option of experiencing a wholly renewed experience or settle for a more familiar version with some extra make-up on it. This “Classic HD” version will feature upgraded visuals, a more accurate translation with English voice-over, and it will also reinstate some cut content. For the record, the Kickstarted version of the game will offer much of the same, but at a higher price and with new story-threads and gameplay elements added into it.

Pathologic Classic HD will release somewhere in Autumn 2015 for $12.99.


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