Rumor: ‘Silent Hill 2’ Remake Will Be ‘100% Bigger’ Than the Original

Silent Hill 2 remake: James Sunderland about to hit an enemy with a stick,

Silent Hill 2 is not a long game when compared to modern expectations. James Sunderland’s trip through the fog-infested, titular town is a memorable and brief one, lasting around eight hours according to Some would argue the short runtime lends the story punch through its brevity, but according to industry insider Dusk Golem, Bloober Team’s remake may look to trade this for an expanded scope.

Dusk Golem, who has previously provided accurate leaks for Silent Hill and other franchises, had the following to say when asked on Discord about the upcoming remake’s size in comparison to the original:

Discord chat showing Dusk Golem answering a question about Silent Hill 2 Remake's size

It is rather vague, however, but regardless of interpretation, the implication seems clear; Bloober’s SH2 will feature more content than the 2001 classic. This may be worrisome for some who doubt Bloober’s ability to keep new content to the high standard of the original. Having said that, many gamers today will be looking for more content from a (possibly) $60 game.

Survival horror circles often face the debate between value for money (in the sense of sheer length) and quality. It’s to strike a balance, with certain games – such as 2019’s Resident Evil 2 Remake – being praised for engaging, replayable campaigns, while others – e.g.: 2020’s Resident Evil 3 Remake – face criticism for being perceived as ‘too short’ and lacking in the aspects that made their contemporaries appealing.

Bloober Team have a tough task ahead of them, but as the end of Dusk Golem’s message and previous rumors suggest, the wait for Silent Hill 2 may not be too long.

These are all just speculations, though. Until an official release date and more details about the game emerge, fans will have to hold their breath and temper expectations. Regardless, with the slew of new projects on the way, it’s a great time to be a Silent Hill fan.

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