Rumor: Fatal Frame for PS3 listing spotted - Rely on Horror

Rumor: Fatal Frame for PS3 listing spotted

Asian gaming site TGBUS has found quite the interesting listing for a PS3 Fatal Frame title. The details are a bit slim, and are hard to determine if there is much truth. The listing comes from a Tecmo document that must have been leaked.

Two E3s ago we got wind of a Fatal Frame 2 remake, but nothing has been heard of that title since. Perhaps development has ceased for the Wii and the remake is now coming to a more powerful console. A PS3 remake of Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly would be a remarkable thing.

Hopefully more details will arises in a more official form soon. The last Fatal Frame game to ship overseas was the third. Some fans patched the fourth game with English subs, but it officially never shipped outside of Japan. Let’s see what happens.


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