‘Rock of the Dead’ detailed by the ESRB

‘Rock of the Dead’ , a music game that likes of guitar hero, mixed with zombies, seems to be getting closer to release. We also now have a bit more info, aliens anyone? Apparently, according to the ESRB, not only will players be taking out zombies, but aliens as well. Also, judging by the way this report comes off, it kind of makes it seem like it’s a PS3 exclusive now. Here’s the ESRB’s blurb on the game:

“This is a first-person shooter in which players assume the role of an aspiring rock star who finds himself in the midst of a zombie/alien invasion. Players defeat the creatures by accurately hitting notes, matching inputs, and creating successful riffs—these guitar attacks kill the various enemies. When the bugs, zombies, aliens, and mutant dogs are hit by guitar attacks, brief blood-splatter effects occur. Green blood stains also appear on the floor, in elevators, and on walls. Some song lyrics contain brief references to sexuality (e.g., “And vicious t-bird breed on the whore” and “Brain trash porn flash what is why”). During a protracted boss battle, a giant zombie will spew green vomit onto the ground.”


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