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Ride or Die With Downfall

Downfall, a psychological horror by indie developer Screen 7,  has been garnering praise on Steam since its release on February 15. Currently boasting a 97% positive rating with Steam players, Downfall is poised to pick up attention as a cult classic with its very adult themes and 2-D comic art styling, and its existing fan base from the original release as a point-and-click adventure.

The trailer opens with the mentally ill ramblings of a woman struggling with her own demons and a killer song from its original soundtrack, then delves into an intriguing story about a man trying to save his marriage from certain disaster. Not necessarily divorce, so much as the apparent psychopath Ivy says is living next door, and the absolutely insane, crumbling hotel they’ve booked into for a romantic getaway. After his wife goes missing and a veritable bloodbath begins, main character Joe is stuck on a trip down memory lane – mostly because that is all he has left as he searches for Ivy with a woman who has mysteriously appeared, and seems to think she is Ivy in another form. Ivy, meanwhile, has been abducted after telling her husband that people are coming for her through the mirrors. Saddle up, everyone, this one is bound to make us question sanity.

Downfall is available for Windows, with future Linux support in development. Currently, the game is English only, but there are plans to release updates with Russian, Italian, and Portuguese soon. There is a free demo available, and the soundtrack is available for purchase on the game’s Steam page. The original 2009 point-and-click is available through the developer’s website. Screen7 requests players be 18 or older.

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