Retro Survival Horror ‘Alisa’ Heading To Consoles Next Month


After releasing on PC at the end of 2021, indie developer Casper Croes’ Alisa became a bit of a cult hit, with success among the retro survival horror crowd, since the game plays very closely to a PS1-era horror game, complete with tank controls and pre-rendered backgrounds, and it does so lovingly and authentically.

After continuously improving the game since then, including releasing a Director’s Cut as of last year, Alisa is finally headed to consoles very soon, and will be playable on PS4/PS5, Xbox consoles, and Switch as of February 6th.

AlisaWhile the game was developed on a very old version of Unity and porting the game to run on consoles was more difficult than most modern games would be, the developer and porting studio have assured that they worked tirelessly to make everything run, look, and feel right on consoles, including running at a 480p native resolution for added authenticity (with a 240p option on the way).

On top of faithfully porting the game, a modern control scheme was also added for those who are adverse to tank controls, just adding some further options for more accessibility.

AlisaThe game is available to wishlist on Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation right now, and the price is set at $17.99 for the Switch version, and will likely be the same for other consoles, though it may vary slightly between regions and consoles.

If you’re already a fan of the game, now you’ll have some new ways to play, and if you’ve never checked out Alisa before, you’ll now be able to sink back into the world of classic survival horror very soon!

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