Resident Evil: Unlimited returns with Chapter 4!

Previous Chapters of Resident Evil: Unlimited


Once again you have entered… the world of survival horror…

Good Luck!

You can check Alpha Team’s status HERE, and Bravo Team’s HERE.

Richard Aiken, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team’s communications expert, is dying. Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers have rushed him to a medical room on the West side of the Mansion, in a desperate hope to cure him of the poison running through his veins. Meanwhile Jill Valentine has become caught in a deadly trap, seemingly set up to not only catch, but MURDER thieves of the Mansion’s prized possessions…

There are only three Alpha Team members left now. Jill, Barry and Chris. They don’t know where Wesker is….

Will you use the ink ribbon to save? Or will you leave a comment on your thoughts below?

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