Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’s First Trailer Arrives August 9th

Oh yeah. There’s another live action film coming.

While we’ve been going nuts with news regarding the future of the Resident Evil games, it’s worth mentioning that the future of the film franchise is moving forward as well, with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Mila Jovovich, the star of the long-running series, announced that we can look forward to the first trailer August 9th via her Instagram.

The Final Chapter is the sixth entry in the franchise, following 2012’s Resident Evil: Retribution, which left series’ lead Alice re-infected with the T-Virus, working with Wesker, and holding a final stand against the hordes of the infected inside of the White House. While the series itself gets lots of negative feedback from the fans of the game, the history behind this film, in particular, is a bit of a trainwreck as well. Two major accidents occurred on set, resulting in the arm-amputation of Mila’s stuntwoman, Olivia Jackson, and the death of crew member Ricardo Cornelius. It’s worth honoring them (although Olivia Jackson is still with us, and very determined to take the results of the accident in stride) by seeing the film, which releases January 27th 2017 (just a few days after Resident Evil 7).


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