Resident Evil Revelations 2’s Raid Mode will feature micro-transactions

There were some rumours floating around about Resident Evil Revelations 2 featuring everyone’s hated moneymaker: micro-transactions.

While there are some folks out there who wouldn’t put it past Capcom to pull something like this and feature micro-transactions in a game that already has so many different payment options, it’s not quite as bad as the rumours purport it to be.

They were just revealed at the Spanish presentation event.  You have to pay to continue if they kill you mid-chapter, if not you have to start that chapter again from the start.

Disconcerting for sure, and were that the case, I’d be pissed too.  Let’s look at the source of this rumour.  From Mundogamers, via Google Translate.

Yes, Revelations 2 will have micro-transactions.  You can buy with real money weapons, skills and life crystals.  You can buy weapons and skills within the Assault Mode with both objects as you getting playing with your real money, so that nobody has to pay anything unless you want to.  If for some reason you want to pay for the weapons, there is the option.

Okay, so there will be micro-transactions in the Raid Mode.  So how did this get turned into “Capcom will force you to pay to continue?” Well, it was incorrectly reported that the micro-transactions would be in both the Raid mode and the campaign itself.

Kotaku reached out to Capcom to clarify if they could really be so cartoonishly evil, and was told that there are no micro-transactions within the campaign mode.  So far as Raid mode goes…

Regarding your question, players can use “life crystals” when playing through Raid mode in Revelations 2. The crystals essentially act as continues (re spawns) in Raid mode when players die. Blue life crystals can be earned through playing daily missions and red life crystals can be bought. The two crystals act the same, but there’s an option to buy if players run out of blue (earned) crystals or don’t want to spend the time earning them. If players have both blue and red crystals, the game will prioritize the blue crystals over the red ones. Again, these are only used in Raid mode and not in the main campaign.

While it would probably be better if there were no micro-transactions at all, we can rest assured that at the current rate, it’s probably a few more years before you have to start inserting quarters into your home arcade machine to continue.


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