USS Wolfpack abilities revealed for characters within Operation Raccoon City

According to a recent article on, new information from Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City’s wiki page have revealed character abilities for the USS Wolfpack team playable within the game.

Vector – Stealth/espionage expert
Stealth Run – a burst of speed with minimal noise
Motion Detector – Attaches to surfaces reveals all enemies within a certain radius with a chance to stun
Mimicry – transforms into another soldier to confuse enemies
Active Camouflage – ability to cloak and take out targets without detection

Hector Hives a.k.a Beltway – Demolitions expert
Blast Master – allows for quicker planting of explosives
Blast Armor – reduced damage from explosives and no knockdowns
Frag Mines – high-damage explosives that can be activated via remote control
Sticky bomb – timed thrown explosive that attaches to surfaces
Laser Trip Mines – Mines that go off whenever someone walks into the blast area

Karen LesProux a.k.a Lupo – Team Leader
Body Armor – reduced damage from bullets
Quick reload – increased reload speed
Incendiary rounds – bullets that set the target on fire
Guns and Blazing – temporary unlimited ammo
Super Soldier – increased damage and accuracy, incoming damage nullified

Vladimir Bodrovski a.k.a Spectre – Marksman
Proximity Detection – larger minimap that reveals enemies
Item Detection – allows Spectre to see all items in an area and have them shown on the minimap
Biothermal Vision – reveals enemies and their health
Threat Scanner – allows Spectre to reveal enemy locations and share the data with his teammates
Sonar Vision – Can see allies and enemies through solid surfaces

Michaela Heinzwaffen a.k.a Bertha – Medic
Field Medic – restores huge amount of health with healing items
First Aid Proficiency – allows to carry more First Aid Sprays
Stimpack – can raise any soldier’s accuracy, movement, reload speed and reduced recoil for a time
Neutralize Infection – used to cure infected teammates at the price of health
Painkillier – reduces the amount of damage she or her ally receives

Christina Yamata a.k.a Four Eyes – Field Scientist
Biometric vision – easily spot weak points on infected characters
Anti-Viral proficiency – more capacity for carrying anti-viral spray
Induced Infection – can infect soldier characters and turn zombies into crimsonheads
Attraction Pheromone – attracts T-Virus infected enemies
Program Infected – allows Four Eyes to take control of an infected army for a short time


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