The Organization will play a role in Resident Evil Revelations, new character details revealed

If you’re a hardcore Resident Evil fan then the “The Organization” definitely rings some bells. This…um…organization was against Umbrella and made it their goal to retrieve samples containing traces of many viruses from the pharmaceutical giant in order to take them down. Easier said than done, but when you have Ada Wong and Albert Wesker as your top officials you know nothing’s entirely out of reach.

We didn’t get to learn too much about this rival group, but it looks like we will next year when Resident Evil Revelations hits store shelves, thanks to the inclusion of a new member of said group: Raymond Vester (you know, that weird acrobatic, red-headed dude who we’ve seen but has been unnamed. Well, now he has a name, and some background as well (as translated by Biohaze from the game’s official Japanese site):

Raymond Vester is an agent part of The Organization. He is a calm guy with a sharp look. Jill and Parker find him inside the abandoned ship. Does he hold the truth behind the incident?

Then we have some background on O’Brien, who we’ve already seen in the game’s most recent trailer from Gamescom. And, as suspected by the majority of fans, he seems to be the main head of the BSAA’s mission in Revelations:

O’Brian is the representative of the BSAA, which (at the time Revelations takes place) is a private, non-governmental organization that fights against biohazard experiments, bioterrorism and B.O.W.s He’s the commander of the operation led by Jill, Parker, Chris and Jessica.

What do you think about these new faces? What do you think about all of Revelations’ new characters (that have been revealed) in general? Are you eager to see how Veltro and The Organization will play into the game’s plot? Sound off in the comments below.

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