Take a good look at Resident Evil 4 HD, Code Veronica X HD and Revival Selection's disc art (Update) - Rely on Horror

Take a good look at Resident Evil 4 HD, Code Veronica X HD and Revival Selection’s disc art (Update)

We here in the ‘States will be getting Resident Evil 4 HD and Code Veronica X HD via individual, digital releases over PSN and Xbox 360’s Games on Demand service later this month. But that doesn’t mean that that will also be the case elsewhere in the world. Nope, not at all.

We already know both HD re-releases of Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X will be making their way to Japan in an actual, retail release. Both games will be compiled as Resident Evil Revival Selection for the Playstation 3 and 360. With the latter platform getting both games on separate discs, and the former with just a singular Blu-ray disc. Are you upset that we won’t be getting such a, physical, release here in the ‘States? Well, then maybe the disc art below (posted by cvxfreak on Twitter) will make you even more upset-er.

UPDATE: Well, would you look at that. Somehow, this piece of news totally slipped past me: Capcom will, in fact, be bringing both RE4 HD and CVX HD to retailers sometime after both titles hit their digital platforms. This is what happens when you’re a working, full-time college student.


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