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Square Enix’s Deadman’s Cross crosses over with Capcom’s Resident Evil


Deadman’s Cross is a Square Enix zombie-themed collectible card battle RPG mobile game that’s surpassed 3 million downloads worldwide. They’ve announced an official crossover with Capcom’s famous zombie horror IP, Resident Evil. For a limited time, players can go to a new thematic hunt location, Raccoon City, and obtain exclusive Resident Evil-themed cards, along with the normal Deadman Cross cards.

The event runs until July 27th, players in the game must complete a RE-themed quest to get a Raccoon City Permit which will allow players to enter into the Raccoon City hunt area where they can get the Resident Evil cards.

Resident Evil is no newcomer to card games, having a few physical and digital card goodies throughout its lifespan. The new artwork for various Resident Evil monsters does look cool. You can learn more about the game, event, and find where to get it on the official site below.



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