Rumor: Sherry Birkin is back in Resident Evil 6

UPDATE: This story is now tagged as a rumor. IGN didn’t provide any actual sources for this report. There still isn’t an official confirmation about Sherry being in the game.

Ashley? Nope, that’s Sherry Birkin: the daughter of the G-Virus creator, William “Big Eye & Claws” Birkin. IGN revealed this exclusive information today from one of their inside sources. Ashley is not the girl that we see in the trailer along side the still unnamed third character, but that does not mean that we won’t see her in Resident Evil 6. She might make an appearance screaming her lungs out as she did in Resident Evil 4. Perhaps a creature will do just that for her at our expense.

Now that we know that this character is Sherry Birkin, what is she doing there? It seems that the G-Virus–or some variation of it–is back and now that she’s older, she’s going to fight back. But who is the guy with her? He also seems to be very familiar with viral infections. What’s so special about his blood? Is Sherry and another victim of Umbrella joining forces to get their revenge against Umbrella? Steve, Alex, Billy, who is this guy?!

You’ve gotta give it to Capcom when it comes to huge plots. These questions won’t be answered just yet. We’ll just have to stay tuned.



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