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Resident Evil Revelations: Zombies confirmed

Yeah you read that right, if this developer interview with Keiji Inafune is anything to go by, then yes zombies are finally back. Capcom seems to really be listening to the fans recently and giving us back the walking dead is a good sign that Revelations might turn out to be more than just a spin off. He also goes on to state that the game will be completely original and that they are pushing the 3DS to the limit so we can get the best visuals. Here’s the full transcription:

“Hi, I’m Keiji Inafune, I lead game development here at Capcom.

When Nintendo first told me about the Nintendo 3DS and its 3D screen I was really surprised. I was waiting for a system with such powerful processing ability. It is very attractive. Capcom games tend to eat up a lot of machine power, including graphics. Everyone at Capcom wants to make games with the best graphics. The Nintendo 3DS can help make that happen.

That feature, which may not sound fancy, is what I’m most excited about when I tested the hardware. We want to make great games to not put the hardware to shame, so please look forward to it.

The Resident Evil series, I want people to play it on the Nintendo 3DS. This will be a complete original. As a game, it will make you want to explore all sorts of secrets. I think 3D images make players wonder what’s at the end of the hallway or what’s behind the furniture. We’re making it so it’s really like watching a movie in 3D, so it’s very engaging. Zombie hordes will come at you with more behind it, and when you see that it will make you think you have to shoot faster. By the game being in 3D, it can bring more fun and excitement to the players.

We’ve been making several Resident Evil games, but this one will be the real thing. It will be a complete original, similar to Resident Evil 5. I hope you’ll take a look at the show floor.

It’s not out on E3, but we’re also working on Super Street Fighter 4 for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s a game that’s made for 2D, but I really like the way those 2D elements appear in 3D. I like it a lot.”

Zombie hordes huh? More information as we get it.

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