Resident Evil Revelations review round-up (pre-release)

Resident Evil Revelations’ Japanese release is just a week away (January 26th, 2012), with its European, Australian, and American release dates shortly afterwards (January 27th in Europe, February 2nd in Australia, February 7th in America). So how is the game holding up among the early reviews? We’re here to give you some insight into what to expect from the upcoming 3DS horror-fest and summarize the first seven reviews the game has received.

Game Masters Magazine – 91%

Game Master gives Resident Evil Revelations a 91%, praising the game as the scariest handheld game to ever be made and a true return to form for the series. They praise the game’s detailed environments, creative scares, and story, particularly praising the central ship and its atmosphere.

games(TM) – 6/10 [review has since been removed]

This review was taken down after it was published. The reasons are unknown and if they post up a new review that’s different is yet to be seen. This review says that handheld sequels to console video games usually feel like direct-to-DVD films, and this is no different. The game has atmosphere but features very few shining moments, fighting the same enemies again and again, and calling the plot’s episodic nature “cheap.”

Nintendo Power – 9/10

Nintendo Power rewards the game a 9/10, and praises the game’s cruise ship as “the most discomforting (location) since the original RE mansion.” They praise the graphics, the exploration, the audio design, and say Raid Mode is more engaging than Mercenaries 3D. Their only real gripe is that the story never really hooked them, even with the high production values. They also say it’s one of, if not the, number one reasons to own a 3DS right now and reminds us why Resident Evil is one of gaming’s most celebrated franchises.

Game Informer – 9/10

Game Informer gives the game a 9/10, saying Capcom delivers a console-caliber Resident Evil title on handhelds. They say the game is visually stunning, features some of the best music in the series, smooth controls, a story that puts 4 & 5’s to shame with a gripping narrative, and is simply fun. Raid Mode is apparently very addicting, and the unlockables and New Game + mode are very rewarding, as well as overcoming difficult feats of survival. Their biggest complaints is that they want to punch two of the game’s characters, Quint and Keith, in the face.

German GamePro – 87%

GamePro Germany states that the 3DS tromp is a fantastic experience that balances survival-horror in the ship well with the higher-tempo side stories in other locales. While they say the puzzles are a bit simple, and their not a big fan of backtracking, they say it’s close to the old-school Resident Evil feeling and a must for fans and 3DS owners alike.

EDGE Magazine – 6/10

EDGE says that while the game has constantly high production values, feels like a mix of beauty and bland to them. They say enemies feel like brainless space-takers, and say the sections of the game outside the Cruise Ship turn Resident Evil into more of a gun-ho game like RE5 and detract from the game. They say the story is less interesting, the episodic structure leaves little room for build-up, and say the new dodge function runs the ball further to make the series a casual shooter by removing the sense of helplessness.

Famitsu – 39/40 (10, 10, 10, 9)

Famitsu states the game is scary with beautiful graphics and an effective use of 3D that really make you rethink what the 3DS is capable of. They love the episodic structure of the game, and say the quality of the game extends from its presentation to its gameplay.

So there you have it. More reviews should pop up in the following days and weeks, and so far reception seems generally positive with a few sour notes. Some seem to love the story and episodic nature, others seem to think it detracts from the game. Some say the game feels like the classics, while another says it feels more casual-shooter than even RE5 felt. All agree the game is quite beautiful with fantastic sound design that can build-up atmosphere. We’ll continue to bring you news on Resident Evil Revelations as it comes.

Who wants to predict what our Editor-in-Chief Jorge will be giving the game in our official review?

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