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Resident Evil Revelations Plot Points Revealed in Hands-On Impressions

The “revelations” of this game just keep coming. According to a hands-on report from Guardian UK, the game stars Chris and Jill on an ocean linear amid a terrifying storm. On-Board a shady prisoner watches their actions. So a little solved, the screens all take place on the currently unnamed boat and it indeed stars Chris and Jill. They also mention using the analogue stick to look around and A and B to zoom in. This is a bit too open in interpretation, they could mean you move with the analogue and can zoom in with either but for better or worse that makes it sound like this game will take place from a first person perspective, though once again that is not confirmed fact but speculation based on button configuration notes so don’t jump ship yet (pun not intended). Plot wise, the reason why HUNK is involved, and the reason Chris and Jill are holding each other at gunpoint is yet to be determined. Or more so when this game takes place on the timeline; is it before Lost in Nightmares? After Resident Evil 5? Jill has brown hair again but after RE5 she could of dyed it or something, I mean if they can change her hair to blond on a whim who knows? More to come as it gets revealed, Capcom have some reveals later today so maybe they are going to show a little Revelations love?

Source:  The Guardian

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