Resident Evil Revelations “is a pure horror game”

A lot of Resident Evil fans are going to be overjoyed to hear this. During the Nintendo Conference not too long ago a Capcom representative talked about both Resident Evil Revelations and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. To quote an English translation of his words on Revelations provided by GameTrailers:

“Resident Evil Revelations is a pure horror game. The fight against terror that is approaching you is a theme this time. Being able to experience it in 3D must be a great joy for the players. Right now all the members in the development team are making it so that in the end, it may even make players too scared to continue forward.”

They mention this is in contrast to Mercenaries, which is more a survival or action game where you aim to defeat millions of opponents and survive. This is the second time in the series where Capcom has released two alike but differently styled Resident Evil games for opposite sides of the fan base (first being the Resident Evil 5 Downloadable Content, Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape). It seems Capcom is marketing on both fan bases of Resident Evil, those that love horror and those that love action, and trying to settle both with duel releasing titles to appeal to both audiences. In other words, releasing two titles, one game which can be dubbed, “survival-horror,” and another which can be dubbed, “survival-action.” It’s an interesting market decision which may have a positive reaction from the Resident Evil fan base which have been split ever since the series new direction in Resident Evil 4 (though those looking for fixed camera angles and pre-rendered backgrounds may still be dissapointed). The gameplay footage we’ve seen in Revelations does show positive signs of being pure horror, having a stronger and freakier foe which appears capable of chasing you around an area of the ship, as opposed to hundreds of humans with parasites swarming you and you packing heat to take them all out.

Still it is nice to know Capcom is focusing on a game purely based on horror as opposed to an action game, while still keeping the action games in development for the audiences who seek it. This also makes it more interesting to see the direction they’ll go with in Resident Evil 6. We’ll keep you updated on these upcoming Resident Evil games as news pops up.

Watch the translated Capcom representative talking about it below:

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