Resident Evil Revelations HD gets playable Rachel in Raid Mode; Wii U details revealed

Quite possibly the most striking omission from the original, formerly 3DS exclusive, release of Resident Evil Revelations was Rachel’s absence from Raid Mode. Sure, she died a pretty gruesome death pretty early on, and she sports a head of hair that could get anyone killed instantly, but it would’ve been cool to play as her in said mode. Fortunately, with the release of the game’s HD version on home consoles, we’ll finally be able to play as her.

Rachel will be joining HUNK as another Raid Mode character exclusive to the HD version of the game. You can view her in action in the screenshot gallery below. This HD edition will also be getting another new (or not so-new) BOW, alongside the Wall Blister. Capcom is referring to the BOW as a “surprise new creature,” but as you can tell from the images below that highlight the monster, the baddie isn’t really all that new. Regardless, its new presence in Raid Mode sounds exciting, making an appearance “once players have reached a certain level.”

Capcom has also revealed the Wii U version’s console-specific features. I’d like to think of the Wii U version as the most faithful port. Of course that’s because of the original 3DS version’s dual screen nature being kept intact thanks to the Wii U’s GamePad. The ‘pad will allow for easy access to your map and weapons, and it’s just one of the three gameplay options available. The second utilizes the Pro controller, which will give players a more familiar console experience. The last control scheme puts the game entirely on the GamePad with the console’s nifty Off TV play.

The Wii U version of the game will also utilize Miiverse in a very exciting way. Players will be able to create their own death messages for other players to see when they achieve that Game Over screen. Also, players will be able to write captions for enemies in the game, which will serve as taunts for their friends. There are some pretty cute ones Capcom has shown in the screens below. Some Ooze just want some lovin’! All versions of the game will also support

Be sure to check out all the new images in the gallery below!

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