Resident Evil Revelations gets more playable characters

And the Raid Mode news keeps on coming! Less than an hour ago we posted new screens of both Quint and Keith in action in Resident Evil Revelations’ Raid Mode, and yesterday we did the same for Jessica and Parker. Well, Capcom-Unity is at it again, and now they’ve revealed three more playable characters for the game’s score attack mode.

Said characters are the BSAA’s commanding officer, Clive R. O’Brian, who we’ve already seen a reasonable amount of by way of trailers; Raymond Vester who we know belongs to the Organization; and Morgan Lansdale, who’s another new character being added to the game’s growing cast. So, who is this Morgan guy, I hear you ask? Well, he’s the head of FBC and has “absolute authority.” Yes, we have another organization now. And guess what? FBC seems to be the same letters written on the back of Parker’s vest in his alternate costume (and the one we saw in the attack on Terragrigia scene from the Gamers Day trailer) and also on Jessica’s armband in her extra costume. Well, now we know what outfit both new characters belonged to prior to their initiation into the BSAA.

Morgan seems like a pretty tough guy too, notwithstanding his age. He also sort of reminds me of an older Big Boss, sans the eye patch. You can check out him, O’Brian, and Raymond in action in the trio of new screens below.


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