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Resident Evil Revelations 2 will have no ties to first game, offline co-op only


4gamer recently sat down with three producers behind Resident Evil Revelations 2: Kawata, Okabe and Anpo. They discussed what players can expect from the game when its first episode hits sometime early next year.

First off, we have confirmation that the sequel will have no connection at all to the first Revelations, which is honestly somewhat disappointing to me, especially with how that game ended with its epilogue scene. The game will have players exploring various locations on the fortified island that’s been shown off.

Moira Burton, 20 years of age, is described as being unstable, making her and Claire’s team-up a little rocky at first. Moira won’t just be a secondary character, though, she’s actually going to figure largely into the game’s story. And I’m still betting on her Daddy getting his own playable scenario as a bonus mode!

The producers then move on to talk about some of the mechanics. It will be possible to switch between characters when playing single player. And while co-op will be available in the game, it will only be offline, which may come as a surprise.

Concerning the game’s slogan “evil is watching”, the producers reveal that there’s a third person (as expected) monitoring Claire and Moira using cameras set up all around the island. We will also be getting a more traditional horror experience with this game, where the focus isn’t on shooting all the time. Players will even start the game without any weapons at all.  And speaking about the game’s new Afflicted enemies, the producers state that more information on them will be coming soon.

[Source, via Biohazard France]

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