Resident Evil Afterlife and its 3D effects

This Friday, September 10, Resident Evil Afterlife will be hitting theaters. I’m definitely going to be watching it, and giving you guys a review of it. So with one day left before the release of Paul W. Anderson’s latest in his Resident Evil film franchise, it’s interesting to read about the 3D in the film and how it’s being taken seriously.

As opposed to other films which just use 3D for pop-up effects mostly just catering to one’s wow factor, Paul W. Anderson has actually implemented elements in the script which will be represented in 3D. For example, weather effects like rain and the like and the use of wide open environments will be using that 3D effect. It’s all made possible by him using the same technology, more specifically: 3D camera rigs, that James Cameron used on Avatar.

While this all sounds impressive and will probably result in quite a visual spectacle, it still doesn’t clear my concern for the film. I mean, yeah it has Wesker, Chris, and other elements actually taken from the games it’s been adapting for years now, and the fact that the 3D isn’t just being tacked on helps too, but I still can’t help but be worried with the film’s standing as a Resident Evil adaptation. Sure it’s going to be an awesome action film, but, will it be a faithful representation of , at least, certain elements of the more current Resident Evil games? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Resident Evil Afterlife 3D hits theaters tomorrow.


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