Rumor: Resident Evil 9 May Feature Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine

Resident Evil 9The excitement surrounding Resident Evil 9 continues to build as new details emerge about the highly anticipated game from Capcom. Reliable sources have revealed that the game will feature two iconic protagonists: Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine. This news has sparked excitement among fans, as both characters are beloved figures in the franchise.

According to reports, Resident Evil 9 will not be a fully open-world game. However, it will have extensive areas to explore, similar to those in Resident Evil Village. This approach aims to provide a balance between linear storytelling and open exploration.

Andi from Screenfire Germany and other insiders like Dusk Golem have shared insights into the game’s development. Initially, Capcom planned to design the game as a cooperative experience. However, after the positive reception of Resident Evil Village, the focus shifted towards a single-player experience. Despite this, there is still a possibility that cooperative elements will be included, allowing players to switch between characters.

The game is expected to feature faster and more aggressive zombies, adding to the intensity and challenge. The story will not center on Blue Umbrella or the BSAA, although these elements may be mentioned briefly.

While these leaks come from reliable sources, it is important to wait for an official announcement from Capcom to confirm the details about Resident Evil 9. Fans of the series can look forward to more exciting revelations as the release date approaches.

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