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Resident Evil 7 Written by Spec Ops Alum Richard Pearsey

F.E.A.R. and Spec Ops: The Line Writer and Narrative Designer Richard Pearsey seems to have let the cat out of the bag on Resident Evil 7. On June 14th, he tweeted “This has been quite a trip. Very glad to have played a part.” Prior to publication, the tweet was taken down. Multiple RoH members saw it while live but were unfortunately not quick enough to screencap it. Several other gaming news sites took notice as well, though no screencaps exist.

While we do not know why it was removed (but have an idea why), it is big news for the popular Capcom series. This would mark the first time an entry in the series was not written by an Eastern writer hired by Capcom Japan, an interesting move for the company. Capcom doesn’t seem to be in a rush to clarify who has worked on the game, with most of the information so far coming from tweets.

Back in May, Kantan Games CEO Dr. Serkan Toto revealed that the company had hired P.T. designer Jordan Amaro. Amaro’s Twitter and LinkedIn disappeared around the same time, lending credence to the rumor that he left Kojima Productions to work on the new Resident Evil – we don’t know for sure, though. Maybe soon the company will officially confirm who comprises the development team. Until then, keep an eye on Twitter, and a closer eye on what leaves it.

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