Resident Evil 6 to feature a health regeneration system

It seems that things were looking up for the new Resident Evil 6 title, but now a feature that has recently been confirmed for the game may not sit well with old-school Resident Evil fans.

Capcom recently unveiled their Xbox 360 demo for Resident Evil 6, and its newest feature, a regenerating health system, was not previously mentioned and marks its reveal on the game.

According to an article on, it explains that the player has a number of boxes for health, and each and every hit damages those boxes. If a box gets completely damaged, the player will have to use a herb in order to reclaim it. However, their article appears very opinionated towards the new system, so let’s stick to the bare facts.

Over on, it explains a little clearer on what the health regeneration does, using the example of Chris’ lifebar from the demo, which is marked with six green blocks. As long as the red space does not exceed the green block, then the block is preserved, allowing the player to regenerate it completely if they were able to stop getting damaged for a while.

But if the amount of damage exceeds the green block, then that block is lost and damage is continued to the next block. That lost block can only be recovered with a restorative item, like a first aid spray or a green herb.

So what do you think of this new health regeneration system? Does this seem realistic in this kind of universe, or is it just borrowing a page from generic third-person shooter games of today? Leave a comment below.

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