Resident Evil 6 live presentation; some new details. Translation needed.

In the live-streamed Resident Evil 15th Anniversary event, there was an almost 30 minute live presentation of Resident Evil 6 which covered new details as well as the creators of the game talking about it for a while. Unfortunately we don’t know Japanese, which is where the fan-base is likely going to have to help to figure out the biggest news points from the long lecture on the game. A few things that can be pulled out from our (very) loose translation is that Leon’s partners name is Helena Harper, who is a secretary in the White House. The mysterious shaved-head guy is right now a mystery, which of course means he’s someone important or someone fans could recognize, as well as his female partner. They tease that they may may be more enemies to each other than friends. They say the focus here this time is fear with some action elements, but horror is the big focus for the development of the game. The new regenerating enemy is called, “Javo”. They say this game will be the biggest title in the whole series and be on the largest scale.

There is so much more to determine and some “maybes” based on our (very) loose translation, but Tyrants and the G-Virus were definitely brought up. We also can confirm the developers say the game is a horror game with some action segments, but the focus on the game is horror. They also talk about some innovations in action gameplay, such as the sliding, a new dash ability, some improvements to the covering system. It also seems this game has more people working on it than any other title in the history of Capcom. We’ll bring you more details from this video once people start translating it fully, but you can check out the demonstration below. It does include some new music to listen to:

YouTube video

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