Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising 2 on sale on Xbox Live

Have you somehow missed out on Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising 2? If so, and if you don’t mind digital download versions of games, Xbox Live’s Games on Demand service has a deal for you.

Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising 2 have both been out for quite some time, with both receiving updates with Gold Edition and Off the Record, respectively, so this sale is quite reasonable…For those who want the base games, sans any of the updates that were added later on. The Gold Edition bundled Resident Evil 5 together with all of its DLC, including the superb Lost in Nightmares chapter, and Off the Record brought new life to Dead Rising 2 by putting players in the role of the returning Frank West, with some new additions here and there. My personal recommendation would be to go out and get these updated versions, but still, this sale is nice for those who would love to have the original games stored in their hard drive.

Resident Evil 5 is now available for 1600 msp ($20) while Dead Rising 2 is available for 2400 msp ($30). But I’m quite sure that almost all of you reading this have already played these games to some extent.


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