Resident Evil 4 HD Mod Releases Castle Update - Rely on Horror

Resident Evil 4 HD Mod Releases Castle Update

The incredibly impressive Resident Evil 4 HD mod just released the latest chunk of its massive upgrade for the classic horror shooter. With the village section of Resident Evil 4 already completely upgraded, the team has now released their improvements for the castle section of the game.

The mod is a simple plug and play download that automatically populates your Resident Evil 4 Ultimate Edition install files with the improvements. Textures have been reworked with an eye for thematic cohesion so the tone of the game remains unchanged, lighting inconsistencies have been fixed, 3D models improved across the board, and there’s even the return of some visual effects missing from Resident Evil 4 since the original Gamecube release.

You can download the village and castle parts of the mod here.

The full project is still some time away from completion, but it’s evident that the small team behind this are going leagues beyond what Capcom did when they released their own “HD” version of Resident Evil 4. These guys are actually finding the original reference materials in Spain that Capcom used when designing the game all those years ago. Now that’s dedication.

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