Resident Evil 2 Remake Achieves Major Sales Milestone

Resident Evil 2 Remake Achieves Major Sales MilestoneCapcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake has reached a significant sales milestone, solidifying its place as a top title in the franchise. Since its release in 2019, the game has sold nearly 14 million copies, making it the best-selling entry in the Resident Evil series. This success underscores Capcom’s prowess in creating polished and engaging remakes.

The development of Resident Evil 2 began in 2015, utilizing the advanced RE engine also used in Resident Evil 7. The extra development time paid off, resulting in a highly acclaimed remake that sets new standards for the genre.

Capcom’s continued success is evident with other titles like Resident Evil Village , which recently hit 10 million sales. The company is reportedly planning more remakes, with Resident Evil Code Veronica potentially next in line. Additionally, a sequel, Resident Evil 9, is anticipated for a late 2025 release.

The sustained popularity of these games highlights Capcom’s ability to balance nostalgia with modern gaming advancements, ensuring their classics remain relevant and engaging for today’s gamers.

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