New Resident Evil Revelations trailer released, more questions are raised

A new trailer has just been released via Resident Evil Revelations’ official Japanese website. This “Terragrigia” trailer focuses on just that: the attack on Terragrigia that we’ve already glimpsed in the game’s Gamers Day 2011 trailer not that long ago. Now we get a little bit more insight on the attack. The trailer also introduces us to another key faction involved in the game’s plot: the FBC.

Yesterday it was revealed, via Capcom-Unity, that Morgan Lansdale would be a playable character in the game’s Raid Mode. Morgan happens to be the head honcho of the FBC (Federal Bioterrorism Commission). We also learned, by way of their alternate attire, that both Parker and Jessica previously served the FBC, under the direct command of Morgan. Now, of course, they’ve redirected their loyalties towards the BSAA.

This trailer also gives us another look at Veltro’s satanic leader, this time even showing him unmasked. For some reason, I instantly thought it was Morgan under that gas-mask, but yeah…it’s not him. Regardless, I still think there’s something more going on with the FBC that we still don’t know. So, I’m unfortunately going to have to delay this week’s kick-off of my “Best of” series of reHorror installments, because this new trailer just merits a new analysis piece. So be on the lookout for that tomorrow.

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