New Resident Evil Revelations story & location details from Game Informer

Game Informer in their newest issue (#225) have released new information (and a few new screens) of the upcoming 3DS survival-horror romp. A few of these delicious little tidbits include:

-A chapter in the game is based in the city that floats on water, Terrorgrigia, during a vicious B.O.W. attack that leaves the whole town’s population being ravaged by Hunters. You play as Parker and Jessica, during the time they were FBC (Federal Biohazard Commission) units, as they race to the top of a skyscraper to reach a helicopter for their own survival. With Hunters scaling up the scraper and breaking through windows after them, of course.

-Terrorgrigia was the first city in the world to use a solar satellite as a means to bring energy to it’s people. However, when the Hunter invasion began the FBC went through with a plan to use the city’s own solar satellite against it, creating a giant solar laser to scorch out the city and stop the spreading of the infection. The BSAA were heavily against the movement and the incident created a rift between the two organizations, as well as opted Jessica and Parker to leave the FBC. However, the FBC’s solution may have indeed been too hasty, as strange mutated bodies are starting to wash up on the shores of the small towns that were near Terrorgrigia…

-During an early section of the game, Jill starts to hear calls for help aboard the cruise ship. Following the frightened voice, Jill traces it to a food storage room and a chained and padlocked door bursting on it’s hinges with someone yelling, “mayday,” behind it. Shooting off the padlock releases a boss monster with a buzzsaw arm who is caught between being half-mutated and half-man. Even though he is quite a threat to you and is mostly mutated into one of the Oozes (the grey monsters in Revelations), the poor fellow doesn’t seem to realize it himself and screams in fear that he’s still human and for you to help him as the monsters are about to get him. After beating him, there is a dairy left in his room in the vein of the “itchy tasty” diary from RE1, writing about the communication officer’s decent into madness.

-Jessica seems to be jealous of Chris’s past with Jill.

-Some new screens show off a few interesting things. One screen shows off a casino location, with a giant almost Tyrant-looking Ooze stomping around. It really is huge and has giant veins sticking out like tubes to other parts of it’s body, huge tumor-looking bulges, and a face made almost entirely of teeth.

-Another screen shows Jill facing a giant mutated fish leaping out at her from a pool of crimson water.

-Throughout the game you can find perk-like upgrades for your weapons which, once found, can be applied to any weapon, but can only be equipped to one item at a time. The enhancements do things such as give you faster firing rate, deal extra damage, shoot two-round bursts, and more.

For the full story and screens, check out the January issue of Game Informer. (EDIT: A correction has been added as the pink haired girl is Jessica, thanks for the correction)



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