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RUMOR: New Resident Evil 6 information leaks from upcoming Game Informer

UPDATE: Well, seems like this was fake! Capcom and a Game Informer editor have both confirmed it as such. Sorry, guys!

It may not be April 1st anymore, but I was still having a hard time fully believing what a reader (thanks Laureen!) emailed me earlier today. I spent the rest of the day doing some detective work, trying to find out if this is indeed legit. Well, it seems like it is, albeit leaked a bit early.

The latest issue of Game Informer (May 2012) will be hitting in just a few days and its cover story is none other than Resident Evil 6. There isn’t a load of new information, but the new revelations the issue brings forth are definitely worthy of much excitement. Hell, I was happy all day about this one bit: CHRIS AND JILL ARE MARRIED!

Yes, Chris finally decided to profess his love for Jill and the couple ended up getting married after their whole action-packed journey in Africa. Jill is no longer a field agent, and she’s now operating through the BSAA’s New York City HQ as a bio-weapons advisor. I think she may be pregnant! Why else would Jill opt to sit out of the action this time? And this also possibly explains why Chris seems so worried and down in RE 6’s debut trailer. He doesn’t want anything to happen to Jill and their unborn child. But, of course, that’s just me speculating!

The other new information from the issue confirms that Ada Wong is in fact in the game, though not in Tall Oaks, where a big chunk of Leon’s scenario will take place in. Speaking of Leon’s scenario, his side of the story is confirmed as playing out like Revelations, in terms of gameplay and atmosphere. Oh, yeah, item boxes are also back!

Then we have Chris’s scenario. We already know that China will play a big part, specifically the city of Lanshiang, but other locations included in the all-STAR’s globe-trotting adventure are Serbia and NYC. Yeah, as you can imagine, Chris’s story is going to be pretty big in scope. And it’s confirmed that his scenario is actually the longest of the game’s three.

Lastly we get a bit of information concerning Leon’s new partner in his scenario, Helena Harper. It’s noted how she hides something that is very relevant to the series’ past. And suddenly, we have even more to speculate about! So go on ahead and do just that in the comments below, and I’ll most likely whip up an article sometime soon filled with theories relating to these new revelations (especially about Chris and Jill being married).


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