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New Resident Evil 6 gameplay footage, probably from upcoming PS3 demo

Some new gameplay footage from Resident Evil 6 has just been posted on YouTube. It’s seemingly taken from the upcoming demo that owners of the PS3 version of Dragon’s Dogma will be able to enjoy on September 4th in North America. We get an updated look at Chris and Leon’s scenarios in these two videos.

What’s interesting is that the Leon segment is actually similar to the footage that was shown during Microsoft’s press conference at E3 last month. It’s not the same though, because it’s not as action-packed as the one that was previously shown, but it still takes Leon and Helena through the same areas. It’s much more slower paced and you’ll actually spend a good portion of Leon’s demo carrying around an injured Helena. It lends itself nicely to the scenario’s horror feel and I really liked the bit where the BSAA zombie attacks Leon. The segment ends on quite a big cliff hanger, with Leon and Helena about to fight a boss (that isn’t entirely seen).

Chris’s part of the demo seems to pick up before the start of the segment Xbox 360 owners got to play. We get to see him and his team arrive in Lanshiang, and it’s amusing to see Chris push away reporters trying to get some information from him. He’s also re-introduced to the J’avo here and they’re as dangerous as ever.

Check out both videos below. Damn it, now I have to buy Dragon’s Dogma for PS3!

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