New Resident Evil 6 details from various official sources

Resident Evil 6 news is certain to be popular during 2012, it is the biggest horror franchise in terms of sales and brand name and this is the next big installment in the franchise. New details from various official sources have now popped up for the game.

First of all, an official Xbox update on has confirmed that besides having 2-player co-op as an option offline, players who play the game online will be able to play with up to 6-player co-op, and that another multiplayer mode outside of co-op can be up to 8-players. The popular theory based on Capcom representative’s comments as well as the footage we have right now is that when playing single player you just play alone without an AI partner, but you have the option to play the game co-op with friends, and you can add several players to play through the game together. Co-Op could also be kept to modes outside of the main story, even if they take place in the same locations.

It’s also stated that the game takes place in 2013, but then it also says the game takes place 10 years after the Raccoon City Incident. That is conflicting, but it seems this game does take place after Resident Evil 5.

The Official Resident Evil Twitter also confirms a few details, saying the game has been being worked on for over two years, there will be news on an official demo in upcoming months, and if you pay close attention to the trailer you can see some snippets of co-op gameplay.

We’ll continue to bring you Resident Evil 6 news as it comes.


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