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More “new forms” of Resident Evil games may be coming, is this a good thing?

People are upset with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, especially loyal Resident Evil fans. There’s no denying that fact. Slant Six’s entry into the multi-million dollar franchise aims to once again re-invent the series with a tweaked, squad-based gameplay system. Though we already know that Capcomm has expressed their freedom to experiment with the series through their non-numbered “spin-off” entries, could there be more Resident Evil titles heading our way to offer drastic departures from what we’ve been used to?

Speaking with Famitsu, as part of a large feature in which the Japanese publication held interviews with many of the minds responsible for Capcom’s various franchises, Hideyuki Kobayashi has stated that “he’d like to continue delivering new forms of Resident Evil games.”

If you would ask us years ago that one day we’ll be able to enjoy a squad-based shooter set in the Resident Evil universe we would’ve laughed in your face. Now, it’s become a reality. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Operation Raccoon City from what I played at E3 but I’m also aware that not that many members of the fanbase share similar feelings for the game. I understand that, but we must remember change is a good thing. If it wasn’t for this concept of evolution then we probably wouldn’t have ever been graced with Resident Evil 4.

The series had to evolve, that’s understandable, but totally neglecting its horror roots is another thing.

Capcom has already started reeling those fans upset at the lack off horror back in with Resident Evil: Revelations. And while Resident Evil 6 hasn’t been made official yet, we can safely bet that Capcom is already hard at work with the devlopment of it.

Some time ago, Masachika Kawata stated how he would like to see all these new forms of developing Resident Evil games limiting themselves to the spin-off titles, leaving the main numbered titles to possibly head back into full-blown horror territory. That’s a sound notion and it may be what will end up happening judging by Kobayashi’s recent comment.

Just look at all the Resident Evil games we already know are coming. We have The Mercenaries 3D hitting really soon which takes an extremely action-heavy approach to the franchise. Then we have Operation Raccoon City hitting this Winter which, as aforementioned, aims to bring squad-based mechanics to the series. Then we have Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X HD which are, of course, just updated versions of those classic, horror-0riented games. Revelations is up next, scheduled to hit sometime next year, this game is definitely dead-set on bringing the series back to its roots. And lastly we have Outbreak Survive, which is a different take (it looks like a top-down shooter) on the series tailored for mobile devices (in Japan).

It’s clear to see that both camps of Resident Evil fans have something to look forward to: the horror enthusiasts and the “survival-action” crowd. So, let’s not get too upset over this piece of news coming from Famitsu. So long as Resident Evil 6 aims to be an actual horror game, it’s fine to expect “new forms” of Resident Evil games through spin-offs. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.


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